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Our Goal is to be the "Network of Choice" for Executive Women in the Tampa Bay Region.

Whether your goal is climbing the corporate ladder, increasing knowledge awareness, or building relationships, the Network of Executive Women (N.E.W.) can help you succeed.

Since it was founded in 1980, N.E.W. has been increasing the visibility, influence, financial well-being, community involvement and interaction of business and professional women.

Through meetings, communication, executive retreats and special events, the organization delivers education, information and networking opportunities with powerful resources.

2016 Network of Executive Women
Co-Members of the Year
Lisa Demmi

Haley Maple
Dalan, Katz & Siegel, P.L.


2016 Network of Executive Women
President's Award
Karen Koch

Get Social with NEW

2017 - July Networking Luncheon

Carol Westberry and 
Elizabeth Fanslow

Carol Westberry (YELLOW) is the Founder & Consulting Partner of The Westberry Group, Inc., a full service human resources consulting group and™, your online, on-demand resource for HR templates, forms, eBooks and templates.

Elizabeth Fanslow (BLUE) is the Founder of Be Amazing, LLC, a Business & Marketing Strategy & Systems company, and the Managing Partner of The Westberry Group, Inc., a full service human resources consulting group and™.

Elizabeth is a strategist and an operational expert. Her innate ability to create systems and processes in business have carried her through her business successes. 

Together they bring a whole new level of business support to clients and they have a blast together doing it! Carol and Elizabeth have worked together since 2014 and have created a working relationship of trust and respect!


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11 Jul 2017 11:30 AM • Centre Club

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