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    • 14 Apr 2015
    • 11:15 AM - 1:30 PM
    • Centre Club

    EWOTY/Scholarship Luncheon

    Guest Speaker:

    Renee Dabbs

    “Turn, Pull, Shove and Catch”. 

    Creating an Environment for Women to be Successful.

    Renee Dabbs has spent most of her career working on creating environments for women to be successful.

    She started her professional career with Procter and Gamble where she spent 16 years in sales and marketing. She was part of a team that started the first women’s support group with the mission of getting more women to the C-suite. Ask her about the “Binders”.

    After Procter and Gamble Renee decided to take her corporate skills and put them to use in the political world where she served as the Chief Operating Officer of The Victory Group, a Tampa based communications, media, imaging and production firm. There she had the opportunity to work with women candidates across the country. She realized that women candidates approached the process differently and were less likely to engage without being asked.

    Today, Renee is a principal at The Voyageur Company, a fund raising and consulting firm. She serves as a strategist and is known nationally for her passion and continuous work on issues related to women and their viability in making it to the “table”. Renee is currently working with the National Foundation of Women Legislators, has founded “Women Empowering Women in Legislation and Leadership” and is one of the founders of “Women’s Exchange”.

    Renee lives in Tampa with her husband, who she describes as a saint, and has two daughters who remind her every day why it is important to support women.


    The Network of Executive Woman will announce its latest scholarship recipients at the annual NEW Exceptional Woman of the Year luncheon at the Centre Club, Tampa, FL.

    The Exceptional Woman of the Year/Scholarship Award Luncheon is our opportunity to salute one special woman for her combined career, community and personal achievement as well as support and foster young women on their way to higher education.

    NEW annually accepts applications for scholarships that provide much-needed funds for deserving women who are destined to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on scholastic achievement, community involvement, and need. Your contributions make a true difference in the lives of these young women.

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